8 ways to overcome Facebook Marketing mistakes 2020

8 ways to overcome Facebook Marketing mistakes 2020

8 ways to overcome Facebook Marketing mistakes 2020

Like social media marketing can’t be ignored when we talk about digital marketing. In the same way, Facebook is the leading social media platform that can’t be overlooked when discussing social media marketing.

Facebook has been continuously updating its features since it was launched and has come a long way since then. Facebook has nearly 2.7 billion active users monthly around the world, which is a huge number. It opens the window to cater to the people around the world while sitting in our office’s comfort.

The Facebook user base is vast, and effective marketing strategies can help in growing your brand. Although marketing on Facebook might seem simple, most marketers tend to make mistakes and fail to get the desired results.


Let’s have a look at Facebook marketing mistakes and ways to overcome them:


Overlooking Facebook rules

Facebook has rules for its users, and they need to be followed. Most marketers are trying to become smart by ignoring the rules of Facebook, which leads to Facebook deleting their pages from its site. In most cases, marketers are trying to neglect the rules in paid promotions, suggesting double-checking the rules before starting paid advertisements. Facebook has rules for uploading cover pictures, running contests, and posting content, so you should keep in mind while doing such activities.


Too much-written information

A big thanks to social media, where people pay more attention to visuals than text. The majority of the audience on Facebook does not like to read long posts; they are attracted to visuals. Writing short and simple text with attractive visuals helps in getting attention from users towards your posts.


Ignoring insights

Many marketers didn’t pay attention to Insights or know the value of Facebook Insights data. Insights help you to understand how you can reach more people in a better way. If you ignore insights and do not know how to use it, you will not be able to use Facebook effectively. Use Facebook insights and understand what your fans and their friends like and how you can reach them.


Posts on similar subjects

Posting similar content on Facebook is not a good idea. People start getting bored, and they leave your page soon. So you should always keep in mind that you should post something that attracts your audience and keep their interest in your page.

You can post content in various form like






-Contests, and more!


It helps in engaging your audience. If you are using Facebook for marketing, then you can’t post on similar subjects.


Avoiding paid ads

Facebook’s organic reach is almost dead. Yes, this is the fact about the number one social media platform. If you are not paying attention to paid ads and avoiding it, you will not be able to reach your desired audience, and it’s too challenging to get the desired results you are looking for. Paid ads play a huge importance in Facebook marketing, so shouldn’t avoid it, use wisely to get optimum results.


Lack of interaction with the audience

If you are not interacting with your audience, then with the time, your audience stops interacting with your page. Always communicate with your audience through likes, comments, messenger, and don’t forget to reply. Always respond to your audience no matter if the feedback is negative or positive. It increases trust among your audience.


Choosing the wrong type of ads

Selecting the wrong ad type from Facebook ads manager without knowing the objective is one of the biggest mistakes the marketers do, and complaining Facebook ads are not worth enough. Before running ads, one should know the objective or goal behind running the ad, then focus on that and optimize the audience, ad copy wisely. For this, you need proper guidance, so learn concepts first and then move ahead with clarity.


Using irrelevant hashtags

People are generally confused between relevant/irrelevant and banned hashtags. So they use it as per high search volume or more in demand. At last, they ended up getting bad results. Understand the difference between relevant, irrelevant, and banned hashtags. Use hashtags related to your niche and never use irrelevant or banned hashtags on your post that affect your engagement rate. There are many tools available in the market you can use to know your niche-specific hashtags.


So, above are the top eight Facebook marketing mistakes that marketers, beginners make while using Facebook. We hope you’ll keep in mind the above mistakes and know how to overcome them.


All the best from Codecas Agency!

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