How to do Social Media Marketing (SMM) 2020

How to do Social Media Marketing (SMM) 2020

How to do Social Media Marketing (SMM) 2020

Browsing through different social media marketing networks has become a part of the significant population of the world. And having a more presence on social media won’t help to build your brand online. Having a robust social media marketing (SMM) strategy and proper implementation of the plan is essential to get success in online marketing and promotions.

Being new to social media or lack of knowledge about marketing online can divert your customers to the competitors, which no business wants. Here, we share with you steps that you can follow while creating an impactful social media presence and strategy, which will ensure great results.


Have realistic and relevant social media marketing (smm) goals

Your social media marketing goal should be aligned with your business goals. They should be realistic and achievable.


Know your audience

Knowing your audience likes, dislikes, and buying habits is essential before devising the social media strategy. Since if the things are not delivered as expected by customers, you’ll have a tuff time in conversions.

Select the right platform

You should know on which platform your audience is and where to market your product. It is worthless wasting time, money, and efforts in promoting your product or services where your audience isn’t present.

Know your competitors

Check your competitors and stay informed about what and how they are doing to promote their business. There are various tools available to find out what your competitors are doing.

Decide upon the content you wish to share

Sharing only promotional content won’t attract an audience. You also have to provide value to them. Having a proper mix of promotional, informational, and entertaining content will help your audience stay connected with your brand.

Before sharing the content make sure you set up the account properly

Sharing content is secondary; the first part is to create accounts on social media platforms and then optimizing bio, profile, and others. Having a strong social media profile attracts visitors, and they might show interest in products & services.

Having a content calendar is must

Social media marketing without a content calendar can’t do wonders. You require a proper plan of content that what type of content is going to post on your social media platform.

Scheduling your post is the key

You can manually post on social media but may not lead to the best results. You need to know what time your audience is active, and posting content can help you a lot.

Don’t miss out engaging with your audience

Interacting with your audience and posting engaging content is essential.

Don’t ignore paid promotions

Paid promotions help you to reach your relevant audience with whom you might not connect. So use paid promotions campaigns to get more effective results.

Track results

Don’t forget to track your results, track result metrics on time, and find out how to improve it in the future post.

Keep exploring and learning

Social media is all about exploring and learning new things. As new features & platforms come, you need to explore & learn more.


Now you must understand how to kick start your social media journey whether you are a newbie or already have a presence on social media. All you need to do is have a strong presence on the various yet relevant social media platforms to engage and reach your audience. Follow the above steps to start your successful social media marketing (SMM) 2020 journey.


All the best from Codecas Agency Team!

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