How to get organic traffic on your website : 5 tips you shouldn’t ignore


How to get organic traffic on your website : 5 tips you shouldn’t ignore

If you have a site, then you must be thinking about traffic!


If you want to grow your business, you need more visibility on search engines & more traffic, and visibility on search engines is not as simple as it looks. Traffic helps in getting more leads, and it can convert into customers. But if you have no traffic, then you won’t get any leads from your website.

We spend time and money to get more traffic on our website, paid ads help to get more traffic, but it works till we pay. And sometimes we pay more and get less because not all our visitors will convert into our customers.

So, how can we get more traffic without spending money?

Organic traffic is the golden key to get more visitors on websites. Organic traffic is relevant traffic that comes on your website when someone searches their query on SERP (search engine result pages) like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Whenever someone lands on your website through search queries that are considered as organic traffic.

Do you want to get organic traffic on your website?

People use to search every query on google or other search engines which they are using. Everyone uses search engines, and it’s tough to live without them, we are all on the same boat. And this shows how much organic traffic we can get to our website with the help of search engines. 

To get organic traffic on your website, you need to understand search engines about how their algorithms work and what all efforts you need to put to rank your site. It is not a one time process; you need to be consistent to stand out and rank on search engine result pages. 

Organic ranking on SERP is not an easy process that is the reason most of the people rely on paid ads. Paid ads are fast, consistent, and high visibility on search engines. But if you stop paying, your visibility goes down. Here the power of organic search came into existence.


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So let’s discuss some powerful tips to get organic traffic on the website

Keyword Research

Enter relevant keywords related to your niche on keyword search tools. It provides you with a lot of related keywords with search volume, keyword difficulty, and more. Choose the relevant keywords wisely. Search volume represents the demand of keywords on search engine result pages, and keyword difficulty helps to understand the ranking difficulty level on search engines.

Guest Posts

Guest posting will help you get backlinks for your website. Having quality backlinks to your website can help you get top of the search results for the keyword you are targeting. You can search for sites that allow guest posting on Google or other search engines, and even you can find websites through content explorer. 

Quora Question & Answers

Being active on platforms like Quora wherein you answer queries of the people whom you want to target. Build a strong profile on such platforms, and then you can easily divert your target audience to your website without breaking your bank. Answering questions related to your niche is one of the most effective ways to get organic traffic to your site.

Use Online communities for promotion

Online communities are those where your relevant audiences hang out the most. You can search for online communities on search engine result pages where you can promote your website on Facebook, Reddit, Forums, Medium, and more are some popular online communities. Profile optimization and posting value-added content on these communities will bring audiences on your profile and which will in turn help in increasing organic traffic to your websites since you can always add links to your website .

Republish outdated content

Do you have content that is outdated, but still, people want to read it? Or you have content that needs minors fixes and can be republished as a new article?

Well, republishing old articles that your audience still wants to read is a good idea. These are some significant parts that make your article outdated.



-Broken Links



You can update these changes and add some relevant keywords. Your article is fresh and ready to republish.

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