How to rank fast on google in 2020?

How to rank fast on google in 2020?

Google Algorithm changes constantly. Over the years, the process of ranking has improved tremendously. As estimated and confirmed by the google officials, every year, there are 500-600 changes at the backend.

Almost 40% of the marketers cite such changes as the major obstacle in the SEO ranking.

It is a known fact that the pages coming up on the first page of Google have almost 95% traffic compared to the other pages.

Considering, the change in Google Algorithm is an ongoing process; it is advised to keep track of updates chronologically.

For the long term success in Google ranking, refer to the following steps:

  • On-site SEO
    • It is the fastest way to improve Google rankings, and within a few days, you will witness the changes in final results.
      • The keyword should be part of the title as Google prioritize that in comparison to the other text. If it is present in the beginning, then it is called Frontloading.
      • Your content piece should be at least 1800 words. It is found that larger the content piece, higher the chance of its ranking
      • Your keyword should be added at least 2-3 times in your content
  • LSI Keywords
    • Add the related words and phrases on your page
    • These words will help you rank better as google will understand the context of the content piece. For example, if you are a wellness brand, then there are various words which denote the essence, like – lifestyle, health, nature, herbal, organic, weight loss, beauty, etc
    • If you have used all such words in your article, then there are many chances that Google traces it and ranks it above
  • Check the technical SEO
    • Your website should be mobile-friendly. It should be 100% optimized. To check this, google offers tools to let you know if the page is optimized.
    • Also, consider and check how much time does your website takes to load. It is an important factor for Google Ranking. You can test the time and site performance with the help of a tool called WebPageTest Org. This tool is free and will suggest you ample ways to improve your website
    • Google regularly sends you warnings in case any page is not working better. At the website backend, you can check this and make the changes. In case you have a WordPress website, then you can install tools like Yoast SEO Plugin.
  • Know what people are searching
    • Catching up with the lingo in the SEO world, Search Intent is the latest term.
    • One needs to match the content as per the search intent. Google scans and understands your content audience. What profile is interacting on your page, and what are they looking at. Basis this, your ranking can improve.
    • It is imperative to understand the audience and what interests them. Customize your content accordingly.
    • If the intent and content do not match, Google can drop the ranking in this case.
    • For example, you are into real estate business, and over many weeks you spent many weeks on content optimization. While the page did well in the initial period, but over time, page rank dropped. To deal with this situation, you need to focus on what your audience intends to know. Cover the topics related to it in your content and see the difference.
      • All you need is a good SEO strategy.
  • Check the bounce rate
    • It is not good if you land on a webpage and exit it within no time.
    • We know google notices everything. It won’t be wrong if the bounce rate is high, and google drops your search ranking.
    • The best way to reduce your bounce rate is to line up your content with the search intent
    • Next, re-look what you are showcasing at the “Above The Fold” section. Remember, the first impression is the last. In this case, the first impression impacts a lot. Push your content in this section and let google search it easier to rank it better.
    • Prefer having a Table of Content on the website gives a better chance for the reader to stay and check the website
    • Add imagery or visuals to make it attractive, compelling, and easier to understand.
  • Optimize the page further
    • By this stage, it is expected that your bounce rate has reduced thanks to the synced content and intent, good visuals, etc.
    • In Google Search Console, look for “Performance on Search Results” and check for “Queries”.
    • It will list the keywords for which visitors are checking your website. By now, you must be optimizing on almost all keywords. However, there can be some new words that are listed and yet to be explored.
    • Hit on those keywords and optimize further.
  • Go for High-Quality Content
    • As you know, Google Algorithm works on the backlinks
    • Publish the content that others like to share or cite in their content pieces. The more backlinks you will have, the higher the number of your Google ranking
    • the share number,
    • Your content should be in large format
    • Go for options like videos, infographics, charts, etc
  • Build Website Backlinks
    • Promote your content so that others can share it
    • Email campaigns, social media marketing, blogger integration are a few examples
  • Assess the results
    • Interestingly, it is noticed that the page which ranks first on google may not have good Traffic in reality. Number two may get higher Traffic in comparison to this.
    • Organic Traffic is important to be considered in this case
    • Google Search Console will share the details on how many people clicked on your website
    • The higher your CTR, much chances for your website to perform better
    • Go for internal linking

Conclusion on how to rank fast on google:

Your website is the face for your brand. And, there are many ways can help you in increasing your brand visibility in the digital world. While Google offers paid services, but we suggest you opt for the organic route first and then look for other ways.

Keywords, website optimization, and keeping your content’s quality together are the key to your Google ranking.

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