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seo audit

Unable to outrank your competitors?

Here SEO audit plays one of the essential roles for your website. Sometimes you may feel that your website is SEO optimized, and everything is working smoothly, but when you are done with an SEO audit it will reveal the critical issues, and by solving them, your website works much better than before.


We  have several years of experience in the SEO audit. Our experts have experience in using all the relevant tools that are dedicated to SEO audit. We provide all types of SEO audits that are essential for a website.

An audit will help you more than you think!

Identifies Competition

Identifies Technical Issues

Identifies On-Page Issues

Mostly SEO audit is considered as a technical audit, but it is more than that. In the Complete SEO audit, multiple things are covered like content, backlinks, targeted keywords, global and small SEO according to the business level.

Always with you

Find out what the problems are behind the penalties and rank faster in Google


Here’s our SEO audit formula:

  • Analysing
  • Optimizing
  • Monitoring
  • SEO Audit

SEO audit gives insights about all the challenges and issues your website is facing. A complete SEO audit is a well-defined practice that includes checklists, various SEO audit tools to check a website, and its optimization campaigns. An SEO Audit includes all the errors and issues on the site and its solutions to overcome all website problems.

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, and your business must avoid any penalties. To avoid severe inconvenience, you must have a healthy, well-optimized site.


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Wondering how your competitors managed to increase their audience, profit or earn their place in the first Google results?

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit highlights all the issues and errors across the website, including how to resolve them. In the Technical SEO Audit, our developers and SEO team work together to provide a technical audit for a website and find all the technical and programming issues that hamper the site. It is done manually and with the help of reliable tools.

Content SEO Audit

Content is a King, and without it, a website can't perform ,and will not provide desired results. Our team reviews your inbound links and content strategy. After a content audit done by us we will provide you a suggestion and recommendation report for link building strategies, new content strategy, details about removing content, and links that are not useful for your website.

Competitor Research

Our experts have years of experience in competitor research. We will provide you with an in-depth report about your top competitor SEO strategy and a strategy for your website that helps to rank better than your competitors and to compete with them on search engine result pages like Google, Bing etc

Keyword Research

Keyword Research plays an essential role while doing SEO. We will provide you a report about the ranking of all your keywords on search engine result pages. It will help you in SEO as you move forward, you can compare the results with our Keyword research report and know how well your SEO strategy works for your website.

Detailed SEO Audit

In Detailed SEO Audit, you will get a focused SEO audit for your website. In this audit, you will get all the audit reports which are mentioned above. Our team dedicatedly audits your website in all aspects that are technical, competitor, content, and keyword research. Once we are done with the audit, we will share a detailed report with all the essential recommendations and suggestions for your website. We will set up an SEO audit review call to discuss a complete SEO audit report that is shared by us for your website..

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