Why SEO is considered the backbone of organic marketing

We are all very familiar with the addition of digitization in the business world. Every business owner, no matter if it is small or big they are switching their business online. For this, they need to be familiar with the online marketing industry.

Online marketing is way more affordable than offline because you have more options and freedom to promote your business according to your budget and preferences. It is a little difficult for small businesses to invest more in ads to promote their product and services. They are more open and comfortable with organic marketing techniques, and for this, SEO (search engine optimization) comes into the picture.

Let’s deeply understand search engine optimization marketing and how it benefits business growth in the online marketing industry.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Everyone familiar with digital marketing concepts is aware of search engine optimization or SEO. In layman’s words, we can say it is the method of improving your site visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. With the help of search engine optimization techniques, you can increase your website visibility. When a person searches keywords related to your product and services, it shows your website on top so that they can check your website. It increases traffic on your website.

For this, you need to optimize your website and keywords as per the search engine requirements so that they prefer your site compared to your competitors. It is an organic way of doing Internet marketing; hence, there is no direct cost involved, and most businesses prefer it over ads. SEO results may take time, but their impact stays long on your site.

It has been seen that when a person searches something on a search engine, then it trusts their results and clicks on the top pages suggested by them by skipping ads. It must be clear to you how important it is for any business to involve SEO in its online marketing strategy.

Why is Organic Traffic considered the backbone of a website?

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Organic traffic is most important for a website as it helps improve the website’s PR and adds a massive contribution to conversion or engagement. It is considered a backbone because, without organic traffic, a website will not perform well in the long run. Organic traffic has a considerable role in the customer funnel. Here Search Engine Optimization comes into the role because it helps you get online organic traffic on your website. You need to understand the guidelines of the search engine for which you are working, and then you are good to go.

    Quality Traffic

    With correct search engine optimization techniques, it sends quality traffic to your website. So there are high chances of great conversions that you can’t even imagine by running ads. You need to understand the algorithms of search engines and start working accordingly. Within a few months, you will start getting quality traffic on your site.

    Results stay longer than ads

    We all know in online ads, the ad will show till you pay the money to the platform where you want to show your ad. Once you stop paying, then your ad will go out of the platform. SEO is a continuous practice. You have to work hard to understand how they work and keep their guidelines in mind while working, but if it takes time, then its results will also stay longer.


    With search engine optimization, you can also analyze, and calculate traffic just like we do in paid platform Google ads. Here you need to connect the dots and make proper tracking with the help of Google Analytics and explore a few more tools for the same. It is essential to know where you were, where you are, and where you will go as per your marketing plan.

    It is a long-term practice

    When we say SEO results stay for a long, then no doubt you have to work for a long to get the benefit. It means don’t think that you can shine in one day; while doing SEO, you have to stay calm and continue working towards your set SEO goal. You may need to change your strategy if it is not working, or sometimes you need to do modifications as per search engine updates. Before practicing, it is advisable to be ready for all the challenges you may face in the search engine optimization journey.

    SEO helps you in understanding users

    Google algorithms are continuously improving, and they have developed themselves to understand the user’s intent, and what they are looking for and constantly working to show perfect results to improve user experience on their platform. While practicing SEO for your website, you will understand what the user is looking for and how they search related to your product and services. With the help of search query data, analytic data, insights, and SERP analysis, you will understand your user base differently.


    We have discussed all the major points of Search Engine Optimization. We hope you understand why it is considered a backbone and how much organic traffic is important for a business. Suppose you want to switch your business or are already promoting your product and services in online marketing. In that case, you should consider SEO as a high priority in your digital marketing strategy.

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