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Organic marketing through written content

Generate 3x leads by creating content

Conversion rates are 6x higher than traditional marketing.


You should know that content writing and SEO optimization are the basis of your online visibility. In order to attract more customers you have to appear in Google results, and this only happens if your site has quality content, but remember, it is essential that this content to be optimized to rank as easily, naturally and organically as possible.


Codecas, your content creator agency will provide you with the unique content that aims to reach your audience’s audiences. We believe that writing is not about too many big words. It is all about impressively writing simple words.

We create your content and you get

More Visibility

More Leads

More Conversions

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To Create Engaging Content, it should have three C's:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling

As the famous phrase goes, “Content is King,” but we believe that content  it’s the whole Kingdom.

Content is the way you can showcase and define all about you and your brand. Writing is not just about penning down a piece of content, but it is an art that requires skills and the ability to pen down words in such a way that your audience can relate to it.

We understand the value of content marketing,so we deliver from:

We understand the value of content marketing,so we deliver from:

  • Strategy to
  • Creationand
  • Distribution

We have a team of experts for content writing to content marketing

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We work on an approach where our content will not be just merely storytelling, but it explains your story well.

Blog/Article writing

Blogs are informative, and they help in creating value for your brand. We have expert content writers who create exceptional and unique content, ensuring that your audience is glued to the content until the last word.

Creative copywriting

People scroll through the page quickly, and you have a few seconds to grab their attention. So your ad copy should be eye-catching and creative. And keeping this in mind, we have a team that has years of experience in creative copywriting.

Product description

The product description is not just only describing your products. It's all about why your product is worth buying and includes details about its features and benefits. Our experts have experience in writing for the same, and they write by putting themselves in buyers' shoes.

Product review writing

Product review writing includes technical information, pros, and cons of the product. To write product reviews, writers must know inside-out of the product, and we have a team who are dedicatedly working on product review writing and having immense experience in the field

Website content writing

Website content plays an essential role in leveraging engagement, generating leads, and sales. Visitors hardly spend a few seconds if they do not find anything relevant to your website. We write quality and unique content for your website to attract visitors.

SEO friendly content

The compelling, concise, and easy to read content is essential and will rank on search engines when we add keywords to it and make it SEO friendly. Good content will be worth it if it shows up in the search results, and we can do it for you.

Infographics content

One of the primary ingredients for marketing is infographics, and it must be appealing, easy to understand, and easily conveyed. Our infographic experts know about how to write the best infographic content for you as per your audience's interest.

Guest Post writing

We understand the importance of guest post writing. It helps in reaching a wider audience, and we follow white hat SEO techniques to write well researched, unique, and quality posts that will quickly get approved and helps in link building for your website.

For every 5 articles / 1000 words each
you get one for free