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Get a website Built to Boost your business. Clean designed, well-optimized, and user-friendly.

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We craft digital masterpieces that drive results

Your online hub for connecting with customers – elevate your business presence with a professionally designed website that captivates your audience, provides valuable information and builds trust, helping you cultivate loyal relationships in the digital world

Unique design

Differentiate your online business from your competitors with a unique, memorable and modern design and impress your visitors

Fast loading

We increase the conversion rate by optimizing the website loading time. This way, customers will interact faster with your business

Responsive design

Mobile, tablet or pc? We create the most beautiful browsing experience for the users of your website, regardless of the device used

With our  web design services, you can expect the following:

  1. A visually appealing and professional website that reflects your brand and values

  2. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to update and manage your website

  3. Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your website stays up to date and performs at its best

Expand your business and connect with a large audience

Why it is important to have a website:

Increase business visibility

online 24/7

Build trust and credibility

a strong relation

The business is growing

reach more people

Discover our services

A website is like a showcase of your business and the point of interaction with your customers

Custom website design

Custom website designs help to understand the business more deeply. It helps in designing the site's development strategy, user experience, and user interface as per business.

Landing pages

This type of page is designed to capture visitors' attention through the best persuasive copywriting techniques and achieve a conversion.

Redesign services

If your website no longer reflects the brand image or simply the site interface is outdated and does not highlight what you offer, you may think about redesign

Not just a website, but a solution for your business

Make your website more powerful with Google integration pack

One time fee - 450 €

search engine optimization services, SEO

Plans made for every business

We aim to provide the best value for your investment in every plan we offer. Rest assured that whether you choose our Standard or Premium plan, you will get the best service and value for money possible.

Static website

does not include hosting or additional services
from 750
7 - 14 business days
  • One page website
  • Home page with 5 sections
  • Social media links
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile friendly
  • Default icons
  • Contact form
  • Responsive
  • 1 revision

Dynamic website

the upgraded Static website and additional implementation.
Does not include hosting or additional services
from 1349
14 - 25 business days
5% off for standard logo plan
  • Multipage website
  • Home page with 7 sections
  • 3 pages
  • 3 custom icons
  • Email marketing integration
  • Simple photo gallery
  • Static slideshow
  • Default blog layout
best choice

Advanced dynamic

the upgraded Dynamic website and additional implementations.
Does not include hosting or additional services
from 1500
25 - 35 business days
9% off for Google integration pack
  • Premium WordPress theme
  • Advanced blog layout
  • Security module
  • Dynamic slideshow
  • Static Pop-Up
  • Home page with max. 9 sections
  • 5 pages
  • 3 animated icons
  • Google maps
  • 3 animated illustrations
  • CDN integration

We will do everything...

Most users use mobile phones to browse online, it is very important that the websites accessed be well optimized, to create a relationship of trust between the user and the brand from the first interaction. The first impression is important and we know how important it is to be the best.

For a good browsing experience, a responsive website is essential. People access websites from different devices, and website design should be such that it renders well on every type of device to give visitors an uninterrupted and smooth browsing experience.

For us, it is paramount that the security of your website and users’ data is safe. Some do not take into account the vulnerability of sites endangering both their business and data stored on servers.

We create a user-friendly design but also adapted to your business. Navigation will be easy for users, and for you it will be easy to manage your site without having advanced knowledge

A well-optimized website both as an interface, browsing experience, and SEO, not only creates a wonderful experience between the visitor and your brand, but also it will be much easier to rank in search engines.

We use friendly platforms so that you can easily manage your website from anywhere and anytime. You will not have to depend on anyone, not even us.

What our customers say

A few words from those who chose us

People are looking for solutions that your business offers

Let’s present them in the most beautiful way

Customize your plan

add a missing option anytime

Cost effective plans

affordable for any business size

Reasonable delivery

from 7 to 60 business days
depending on project type

Contact us

Tell us about your project, we would be happy to talk about it and bring you closer to the desired results

These additional services could help your business.

web design services codecas

Did you know that we offer a 5% discount on the final price when purchasing at least 2 services?

On-page SEO

Improve a website's search engine rankings and earn organic traffic with SEO

Content writing

The best way to increase the authority of your online business and drive quality traffic.

Social media marketing

Elevate your online brand visibility and drive engagement growth.

Graphic design

An impactful graphic content makes your company memorable.

FAQ – Here you can find some answers

Our Services section is the part of your website where you tell visitors and potential customers what you can do for them but you also can build an entire page about your services.

Reviews or about us can also be another section

When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of the screen they are presented on

An additional page can be the contact page, or about us, or a service page

Basic SEO on-page is limited only to optimizing meta titles, descriptions, images, and URLs. Advanced on-page SEO is a more detailed and deep optimization, such as internal links, speed optimization, and  more

A static slideshow does not have dynamic elements, such as photos, icons, buttons, or animations while a dynamic one can include transition effects, call to actions buttons, and other effects to create a more significant impact

The advance payment covers part of the initial expenses and is a safety measure to be sure that the progress of our work and the payments already made are covered

Yes, you can mention in the contact form if you want us to take other features from another plan. Additional costs will be added depending on what you want.

Static, Dynamic, or Advanced packages do not include premium plugins unless we mention this in the conversation with the client as well as other details related to their renewal or extra cost.

The GDPR or CCPA policy is not included in the price. If the client wants it, we can add a default generated policy as well terms and condition policy. For a full compliant policy we can collaborate with specialized company only if the client cover the expenses

If the client does not provide text or graphic content, especially for the landing page, sale page, or services, it can be created by a content writer or a graphic designer for a fee.


1 month of maintenance included
from 1350
14-20 business days
  • Presentation website
  • Home page with 5 sections
  • 2 articles of 500 words
  • 1 logo concept/revision
  • 2 additional pages
  • Simple blog layout
  • Basic SEO on-page
  • Social media links
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile friendly
  • Default icons
  • Contact form
  • Google index
  • Responsive
  • 1 revision


the upgraded Starter package and additional implementations
from 1549
20-35 business days
  • Premium theme
  • 3 articles-750 words/each
  • 1 logo concept & 2 revisions
  • Home page with 7 sections
  • 5 additional pages
  • 4-6 custom icons
  • Email marketing integration
  • Business email adress
  • Simple photo gallery
  • Onboarding Training
  • Google Analytics
  • Static slideshow
  • Security module
  • Pop-up
best choice


the upgraded Plus package and additional implementations
from 2549
35 - 60 business days
  • Custom Layout
  • 3 articles-1000 words/each
  • Advanced blog layout
  • Advanced SEO on-page
  • Premium security module
  • Dynamic slideshow
  • Custom pop-up
  • 2 logo concepts & 1 revision each
  • Home page with max. 9 sections
  • 2x business email adress
  • 9 additional pages
  • 3 animated icons
  • Advanced integrations ex: Booking
  • Google maps
  • 3 animated illustrations
  • Payment integrations
  • CDN integration